Yes, Face Yoga Exists—Here’s How It Helps Fight Wrinkles

Don’t tell your derm, but face yoga may be your secret wrinkle fighter. "Your face has muscles just like the rest of your body, so you need to work them to keep the skin from sagging," explains Annelise Hagen, author of The Yoga Face: Eliminate Wrinkles with the Ultimate Natural Facelift ($16; Here's a quick lesson on how to do this anti-aging technique:

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1. Kiss the Ceiling

Benefits: This move helps tone your jawline and prevent or reduce jowls.

How to do it: Do a few head circles to warm up your neck muscles. Then tilt your head toward the ceiling and stretch your lips upward as if you were trying to kiss the ceiling. Turn head to the right and repeat the stretch, then do the same on the left. Repeat 5 times.


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