Uh Oh! It’s Almost Here! Your Ultimate Back-To-School Playlist

Uh Oh!  It’s Almost Here!  Your Ultimate Back-To-School Playlist

I’m a New Jersey boy.  In Joisey, public schools don’t begin classes until after Labor Day.  Meanwhile, I was in Tennessee in early-August and they started school on the 8th.  The 8th of August?!?  For me, that’s hard to fathom.  It’s just so early!  Yet, those kiddies were out of school before Memorial Day, so they win on that end.

Which brings us to our brains and reaction to marketing.  If you haven’t seen/heard/smelled back-to-school-related topics floating in and out of your consciousness, then you’re probably unconscious.  To help ease your mind, here is your Ultimate Back-To-School Playlist, made up of many songs that you know, like “See You In September” and “Hot For Teacher.”

Take a look at the list below.  Afterwards, keep scrolling down for some video highlights.

“School’s Out” by Alice Cooper

Only because it’s a great way to remind us of the LAST day of school, which seems a long way away right about now.

“September” by Earth, Wind & Fire

I bet this sounds great live, with the horns and high harmonies.  By the way, how many times do you think Bruno Mars has seen this video? (Beware the nasty word at the start of the song below.)

“Don’t Stand So Close To Me” by The Police

Every teacher’s worst nightmare.  This is a great story and lesson for educational professionals everywhere.

“(What A) Wonderful World” by Art Garfunkel, Paul Simon & James Taylor

This is really a Sam Cooke tune that most people I know hate (because of this trio’s arrangement).  Yet, I like it.  Maybe it’s a guilty pleasure.  Or maybe I’m just that much better than you.  Either way, this is all about going to school and taking classes and loving you.  Yes, you.  I love you.  There.  It’s out there.  What happens next?  (Don’t tell my wife!)

Here’s the Sam Cooke version.  I think Harrison Ford sang and boogied to it in Witness.

“The Happiest Days Of Our Lives/Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2″ by Pink Floitnyd

A teacher’s worst nightmare, Part 2.  Imagine if you were the teacher that every kid hated!  Boy, that would be a fun job, huh?

“Teacher Teacher” by Rockpile

This was a sort-of English supergroup in 1980 featuring Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds.  It’s sung from the student’s perspective.  “Teacher teacher, teach me love, I can’t learn it fast enough…”  Teachers probably shouldn’t listen to this one.

“Teacher Teacher” by .38 Special

Who would have thought there were two songs in the ’80s with this exact same title?  This track is taken from the Teachers movie soundtrack.  The movie starred Nick Nolte, Jobeth Williams (from Poltergeist), Judd Hirsch (from Taxi), and more.  I hear it’s a good ’80s flick but I’ve never seen it.  Should I Netflix it or what?

What songs are missing from our list?  What songs should we include to make you happy?  Let us know, mmmkay?

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