The Genetic Reason You're Drawn to Certain Guys

How many times have you gone on a blind date with a guy who seemed perfect on paper (i.e., according to his profile, or your matchmaking friend’s review)—but in person, your chemistry could only be described as … crickets? 

It could be your (or his) DNA, suggests a new study published in the journal Human Nature. Researchers from the University of California, Irvine, have discovered a connection between several genetic traits and attraction. 

For their study, they recruited 262 young, single Asian Americans to take part in a speed-dating scenario. After each three-minute “date,” the researchers asked the participants how desirable they found the other person to be, and whether they were interested in a second date. The researchers also examined the daters’ DNA.

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What they found? Men with a gene variant linked to leadership and social dominance were considered more attractive; while...

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