The Pot Pundit: Marijuana Edibles And Your Safety, Part 1

The Pot Pundit: Marijuana Edibles And Your Safety, Part 1

John Pot PunditSteps are being taken to ensure that the medical cannabis you’re consuming is safe and the proper dosage.

By John M. Gardener, The Pot Pundit


Medical marijuana legalization is a historic modern accomplishment for Americans, as it holds out so much opportunity for the betterment of sick people everywhere. Cannabis and the chemical compounds that make it so effective at healing, such as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol), both cannabinoids, are administered in a few ways. One of the ways is by consuming marijuana edibles, which has posed some safety concerns until testing laboratories were allowed to legally test these.


Thankfully, states like Nevada have issued special licenses for a few companies to legally test all cannabis edibles and marijuana products of all kinds in the state. Before testing, the medicating community had no idea what they were consuming. In this eight part mini-blog series, you will discover the safety concerns marijuana edibles pose to the public, and how to avoid THC overdosing. THC overdosing can cause you to spend hours curled up in a hallucinatory state of mind on the floor, not a good time by any means.


Stay tuned, in part two of the mini-blog series Marijuana Edibles and Your Safety, readers will learn more about cannabis infused edibles and how many THC milligrams are too much?




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