I Went on a Hair Detox, and It Was the Best Thing Ever

This article originally appeared on InStyle.com.

One balmy afternoon this past summer, I sat in a salon in TribeCa as a cheery British man examined my straw-like blonde locks strand by strand, a process so precise that I was convinced this must be what it would be like to get checked for lice. Filled with fear of the unknown, I anxiously waited for the diagnosis of—gasp—what kind of health my hair was really in.

“You’ve got a lot of damage from dying it so blonde for so long, and your split ends are bad,” said David Adams, master colorist and co-owner of Fourteenjay Salon. I cringed. He was onto me and my dirty little dying secret. “But we can fix this all, we’ve just got to get you on a long-term detox plan.”

A detox plan for my hair? I was, at the moment of...

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