How to Spend Time With People Without Feeling Exhausted

"Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and invite your spirit, your true essence, into your body."

I closed my eyes, with doubt... for I'd done a number of visualizations in the past that really didn't amount to much more than making me sleepy. Maybe visualizations just aren't my thing, I thought. But I listened to her soothing voice, closed my eyes, and tuned in. I visualized opening my crown chakra and inviting my higher self in.

My mind stilled, my breath deepened, and I felt something beautiful descend into my body. Suddenly, my heart opened wider than I'd ever felt it open, and my body started to shake from the intensity of the love that was flowing through me.

It literally overwhelmed me.

I almost broke down crying from the vast amount of love I suddenly felt for everyone in my life. For my family...

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