Expression Through Compassion, Be Brave

Music is the universal language.
Lives are touched,
Moments created,
Memories come to life,
Communication happens,
Our expression,
We are inspired!

In my post, “Chinese New Year 2014, Ride the Energy of the Wood Horse” we learned, this Year of the Wood Horse 2014 brings the playful, social energetic optimism of the horse. Horses love to run free. The added energy of the “wood” brings a kinder, more caring humanitarianism to the world. This year people will stand up for their beliefs and hold the world accountable to the importance of human rights.

The song “Brave” speaks volumes to me. Cultivating healthy expression, we have freedom; we are not holding onto anything, we embrace, we notice, it all lets go. If we deny our feelings, hold them in, suppress them deep, what can happen? Explosion! As the metaphor Debbie Ford illustrates in the “The Shadow Effect” film, it is possible to hold a beach ball under the water for a time, maybe you can hold two, but soon they will pop up and explode! That is what happens when we do not express our feelings and push them down. What follows is we may not be expressing our feelings in the most productive way; it becomes more of a reaction, a bursting, as it cannot be contained any longer.

Sara Bareilles sings: ”Say What You Wanna Say and Let the Words Fall Out” – do this, express with compassion, before our beach balls are popping up all over the place out of control. Expression brings freedom. Let us be mindful this year, if we are drawn to speak out, stand up for our beliefs, express our feelings, take a breath and connect to our hearts, always express from the heart, always express with compassion.

My friend and colleague Ro speaks about holding onto your power, how divine this is aligned with my choice of Brave, it validates we are all in this as one.

Allow the music to connect to your heart; be brave, be compassion. Get into the rhythm of the music, connect to the words; express yourself, be brave, we are all in it together. Share that beach ball you have been holding under the water.

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