Episode 9: Healthy Investing; Healthy Reality With Mike Doyle

Pazoo.com Realist Expert Mike Doyle stops in to talk with Pazoo Inc. CEO David Cunic, and co-host Chris Curran of Fractal Recording – and there’s a lot to cover: Mike is a unique personality – a Renaissance Man for “Dealing with Life.” He has a range of interests that he discusses openly and honestly in his pursuit of everyday happiness and to help inspire others who are looking to do better in their own lives. The guys explore Mike’s experiences with CrossFit, Paleo cooking, playing in a punk band, going through a depressing divorce, and his costly attempts at quitting smoking. He also chats about his very personal blog, paleoRiot.com, and his professional animation work at drive80.com.

Episode 9 also has more about our March 26 Pazoofest event in NJ, a progress report on the new medical marijuana testing lab under construction in Las Vega by Pazoo partner MA & Associates, and Pazoo’s other initiatives in the burgeoning field of MMJ testing. For details on limited-time financial opportunities with Pazoo, Inc., contact investor@pazoo.com.