Episode 8: Healthy Investing; Healthy Moods With ADORAtherapy™

Pazoo, Inc. CEO David Cunic, and co-host Chris Curran of Fractal Recording get into a good mood with Adora Winquist – founder of ADORAtherapy™ and its parent company Opus Gaia – “global provider of innovative aromatherapy products to enhance personal wellbeing.” Adora talks about the “mood boost” revolution and how aromatherapy is an effective way to make you feel better anywhere, anytime. She explains how essential oils work and which products are most popular for use at home, at work or even traveling. Listen in and find out where you can buy them at retail as well as online at pazoo.com or adoratherapy.com.

There is also an update on Pazoo, Inc.’s expanded involvement with leading cannabis testing labs, and our upcoming Pazoofest East event, which has been pushed back from February to March 26th. Details to follow!

Find our more about limited-time financial opportunities with Pazoo, Inc. in the new and robust marijuana testing market at investor@pazoo.com.