20 Min Snow Day HIIT Workout

There’s a huge blizzard here in NYC and much of the east coast! (If you live somewhere warm, I hate you right now!)

Either way, this is the best kind of day for a fast and ridiculously effective HIIT workout you can do without leaving the house.

If you’re going to ‘netflix & chill’ all day, that’s fine. But FIRST, blast some fat with this quick 20-minute, non-stop training session:


Do it like this: Grab a set of dumbbells. There are 6 exercises – do 6 reps of each, 6 times through the list.

1. “Clean” – Double Squat + Press
2. Lateral Lunge + Curl-Press
3. Plank Up Downs
4. Precision Renegade Rows
5. Pushup + 6 Mountain Climbers
6. Curl + Upper-Cut Punch

Dr. Laura Miranda workouts on FORTE

If you need a little more instruction on these moves so you can get the most out of them, and you want the MOTIVATION of doing it along with me and a hard core group of athletes in real time, follow along here.

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You don’t need a gym… just wifi, your a-game, and a desire to change how your body looks and feels!
Happy snow day!

Dr Laura Miranda 20 Min Snow Day HIIT
Stay determined, focused and addicted to improving yourself,


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