Trivia Tuesday: 9 Fascinating Cat Tales

Trivia Tuesday: 9 Fascinating Cat Tales

Some of the many reasons they’re so popular.

Despite how many dog owners you may know, cats are the reigning champs of the pet world. There are over 73 million cats in homes throughout the country, compared to 68 million dogs. Felines are interesting and entertaining because of their crazy behavior. From attacking your feet one moment to bringing you a dead animal the next (which means they like you). (MotherNatureNetwork) lists a few more  attributes you probably didn’t know about these funny, furry creatures.

1. They sleep through most of their lives

Your feline sleeps about two thirds of every day. If you have a 9 year old cat, it has already slept through 6 years of its life. Unlike a dog, your cat won’t be begging you to play ball throughout the day.

2. Kitties have feelings, too

Experts agree cats do have similar emotions to that of a human. They feel happiness, excitement, playfulness, depression and anger. So watch out when your Fluffy is upset. She will pee on everything you love.

3. Cat bites can be deadly

Next time you want to rough play with your cat, be careful, those nips and bites can actually be toxic. They can cause a serious infection called Pasteurella multocida, and while it can be treated with penicillin, left unchecked, it can grow under your skin, spread throughout your lymph system. In rare cases, it can kill you. (A catastrophe!)

4. Cats are high jumpers

Some cats can jump up five times their own height in one leap.

5. Cats can be toilet trained

Remember Jinxy from “Meet The Parents”? It is possible to train a cat to use the toilet. But, unfortunately, not to spray the air freshener.

6. Built-in GPS

Most cats can find their way home. When my brother was a kid, he had taken in a street cat and named him Furball. Furball ran away for a week and my brother thought he was hit by a car or something. At the end of his week-long journey, Furball came back through the window, dirty but alive. After that, the cat would go missing for days but he always came back. He lived for over 20 years! (Not all cats have outdoor survival skills, so be careful.)

7. Your furry feline can use a pet door

You can thank Sir Isaac Newton for this invention. Really. If you have a cat that is constantly coming and going, a pet door is a great investment.

8. They are hairy little beasts

For every square inch of body, they have 130,000 hairs. That is an average cat, imagine the double coated felines! Don’t tell this to your Sphynx cat, who might feel even more naked.

9. Cats can be cloned

In 2004, DNA from a deceased Maine Coon was used to make a clone upon the owner’s request. Little Nicky was the first commercially cloned feline. It cost the owner $50,000. That’s an awful lot of scratch.

Allison Mirenda/Pazoo