Myth Monday: 7 Cat Beliefs That Are Purr-fectly False

Myth Monday: 7 Cat Beliefs That Are Purr-fectly False

Get the true facts on felines.

The Internet is crazy about cats — and with good reason. They’re funny, smart, beautiful creatures that love a good cuddle (and torturing dogs when they get the chance). Considering the Internet’s fascination with cats, it’s amazing how many false facts are circulated and accepted as truth. has the rundown on cat myths people should stop believing.

Myth: Cats Have 9 Lives

Not true! OK, you could probably figure out on your own that this cat myth wasn’t actually based on scientific fact. What you might not know is that it’s believed that this story originated in Egypt, where the sun god Atum-Ra was fond of assuming the form of a cat when exploring the underworld. Atum-Ra was also one of theĀ Ennead, or the nine deities of Egyptian mythology, which might have something to do with number of lives cats are supposed to possess.

Myth: Cats And Pregnant Women Don’t Mix

Not true! This cat myth emerged due to the prevalence of toxoplasmosis, which can prove deadly to fetuses. While pregnant women should absolutely avoid handling cat feces (where the disease can flourish), they’re far more likely to catch toxoplasmosis from digging in the dirt or preparing raw meat. Let your significant other clean out the litter box during your pregnancy.

Myth: Cats Are Hazardous To Babies

Not true! Many cat myths center around felines stealing the breath from newborn babies by laying on top of them. Felines love to snuggle, and a sleeping baby is a warm and comforting place to take a nap. Unfortunately, a clingy cat can make breathing difficult for a newborn, which is where this story started. Keep cats out of the nursery when your baby is asleep.

Myth: Cats Only Purr When They’re Happy

Not true! Purring is one of the most common ways a cat can communicate their happiness, which explains why this cat myth is so common. But cats will often purr when in pain, as the vibrations can help soothe their discomfort.

Myth: Cats Hate Water

Not true! Most felines won’t be pleased if you throw them in a pool (and really, who can blame them?), by and large cats love running water. Some will sit for hours watching a drip, or dip their paws in water for fun. Some cats even like taking a swim from time to time — proving there’s not much truth behind this cat myth.

Myth: Cats Are Nocturnal

Not true! Cats actually are friskiest at dawn and dusk, which might explain where this cat myth got its start.

Myth: Cats Prefer To Be Alone

Not true! It all comes down to personalities; some cats do love to be on their own (they are solitary hunters by nature), but by and large felines enjoy having company. Some like to be in the thick of things, curled up on their human’s lap. Others prefer to stay on the sidelines — close enough to keep an eye on the action, but far enough away to make a speedy exit should the need arise.

Lauren Saccone/Pazoo