Meet Lena, The Shower-Loving Rottweiler! (VIDEO)

Meet Lena, The Shower-Loving Rottweiler! (VIDEO)

Most of us can agree that getting our dogs clean is hard work. Sometimes our canine companions will go to extreme lengths to avoid a bath: hiding, howling, and cowering are all possibilities. They’ll roll in puddles and jump in lakes any chance they get, but bath time is a test of everyone’s resolve. Many times we just give up and leave the job to professionals who know how to soothe anxious dogs until they’re clean. But there’s always an exception to every rule. We’d like to introduce you to Lena, the dog that loves taking showers.

Lena is by all accounts a pretty regular rottweiler. She likes to play with her human companions and run around with the other dogs in her family. But Lena’s owner Ursula Liv says the dog has one uncommon addiction: she loves taking showers.

While most dogs head for the hills come bath time, Lena will happily sit in the shower for hours on end. The video shows the kooky canine sitting in the running shower with a blissful expression, occasionally licking a stray drop from her nose. You will never be as happy as Lena is when sitting in the shower.

Liv says that all her dogs respond well to bathing (and she really needs to share her secrets), but none of her pooches have ever taken to water like Lena.

And it’s not just showers that get Lena’s tail wagging; the pooch is also a sucker for baths (even if someone else is already in the tub). According to Liv, Lena will leap into a full bath regardless of who is in it. Locking the door doesn’t help, either; Lena will find a way to open it before jumping in for a good, long soak.

We wish our dogs enjoyed the water as much as Lena the rottweiler; for one thing, they’d be a whole lot cleaner.

Lauren Saccone/Pazoo