5 Dog Breeds You May Not Know

5 Dog Breeds You May Not Know

See if you can identify these rare breeds from around the world.

Never mind how much is that doggie in the window? The question you should be asking is, “What is that doggie anyhow?!”

Dr. Marty Backer, a veterinarian, has the answers. He’s seeing all sorts of dogs and, while of course he still loves the usual suspects – Labs and Beagles, Boxers and Poodles and what his parents used to call “Heinz 57s” – in an article for Vetstreet, Dr. Backer presents the new dog breeds in town.

So here are a few unusual dog breeds – at least to Dr. Backer, and to me, too! – that are starting to pop up (pup up?) more often.

Tibetan Mastiff (that’s him up top!)

First thing you should know, these guys are BIG, as their name implies. They’re rather calm and majestic, but let’s be sure of one thing, they’re more than capable of inflicting a world of hurt on anyone who might want to threaten their family. And protection is Job One.

Carolina Dog


While I’d actually heard of the Tibetan Mastiff, this one’s new to me. He’s an American native who was found living wild in the swamps of South Carolina and was developed into a recognized breed by biologists. He looks like a Dingo and has some of the same traits as primitive dogs, including pointy ears and a wedge-shaped head, a tail that curves like a fishhook, and a habit of digging holes with his snout.



I love this one! This cross between a Golden Retriever and Miniature or Standard Poodle is smart and trainable. Cute, too. They’re great service dogs, and they’re super athletes.



No relation to the Chinook Salmon, this is the historic, sled-dog breed that helped Admiral Richard Byrd on his first expedition to Antarctica. He’s still happy to pull a sled — a useful ability for Idaho’s winters — but he’s also known for being a friendly and playful companion for kids.



Last but definitely not least, if you want someone to talk to, the Otterhound is your dog. According to the good doctor, he mutters, groans, sighs, sings and bays. One of the more entertaining dogs out there, he’s rough and tumble, funny and friendly, but a bit of a klutz. Keep him in mind if you live in the country and don’t mind a shaggy dog who likes to dig, hunt and howl.

Have you seen any rare dog breeds lately? Let us know. As always, expiring minds want to know.

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PS: Here a some basics to consider when choosing a new dog: http://pazoo.com/uncategorized/how-to-choose-the-right-dog

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