10 Most Protective Dog Breeds

10 Most Protective Dog Breeds

Which canine companions will best protect you and your home?

Some dogs are fierce defenders of their owners. They don’t tolerate anyone or anything threatening their pack, and will protect them to the death. While some of us are looking for a playful pal, others want a dog that will vigilantly guard against the outside world. PuppyToob.com provides a useful list of the most protective dog breeds. Just remember, even fierce defenders like belly rubs.

10. Rhodesian Ridgeback


Want a dog that looks the part of a fierce defender? Then give the Rhodesian Ridgeback a shot; this dog breed was originally used to hunt down lions (so a home invader doesn’t pose much of a threat). Independent and clever, this breed requires a lot of training at first. But once they get the hang of things, you can expect a tough and vigilant guard dog. Plus this dog breed often thinks it’s a lap dog; so if you want a pooch who can cuddle and keep you safe, this is your best bet.

9. German Shepherd

If you’re looking for a popular guard dog, you’ve come to the right place; the German Shepherd is hands down one of the best dog breeds for those seeking protection from their pooches. Why are German Shepherd’s such a standard choice of defense? Virtually fearless and incredibly smart, this dog will never turn away from a threat. They are remarkably easy to train, too. Surprisingly, the Shepherd is actually a very mellow breed — until their pack is threatened, that is.

6. Giant Schnauzer

The Schnauzer is no joke; this dog breed is smart, tough, and loves to be in charge. If you’re not an assertive and authoritative person, you might find yourself playing second fiddle to your pooch. That being said, Schnauzer’s are incredibly loyal and intelligent dogs once you show them who’s boss. They will fight to the death to guard their family, and anyone who can handle these bright dogs will find a loving and loyal pack member.

5. Puli


It’s hard to believe a dog that resembles a mop could be a fierce defender of home and hearth, but that’s exactly what the Puli pulls off. This dog breed is always on alert, often barking at things their owners would rather they ignore. Incredibly bright and in need of constant entertainment, the Puli is the perfect little protector for the active family on the go.

4. Komodor

Don’t let this dog breed’s fluffy exterior fool you: beneath that cute coat beats the heart of a born protector. Originally bred to defend cattle from predators and thieves, the Komodor has transferred that instinct to its human companions. With a little training, this clever dog can be a loving and loyal member of your family.

3. Rottweiler

This dog breed is a curious mix of bark and bite. On one hand they are supremely loyal to their human companions (in some cases they prefer people to other pooches), and can be giant softies when it comes to their pack. On the other, these canines are ruthless when it comes to defending their loved ones; their intelligence and loyalty makes them one breed you don’t want to cross.

2. Doberman Pinscher

These pooches have a long-standing reputation as guard dogs, and with good reason. This dog breed is incredibly territorial and fierce. While docile and loving when it comes to their owners, they have a zero tolerance policy for intruders or threats. They’re also extremely intelligent, so don’t try to outwit these clever pooches (unless you’re prepared to face the consequences).

1. Bullmastiff


This dog breed is big in size and heart. Bullmastiffs are fiercely loyal to their families; they have strong protective instincts and the bravery to back them up. Courageous and strong, these gentle giants are incredibly loving to their pack and remarkably sweet-tempered — just don’t cross them.

Lauren Saccone/Pazoo