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There are lots of ways to feel good through the pazoo.com community and our team of health and wellness experts: By taking care of your health. By getting and staying fit. By providing the nurturing your pet returns with love.

You can also do it by helping others. Please click on any of the causes below to find out how you can make a difference and feel really good about yourself!


Team Continuum

Team Continuum is a global non-profit that provides immediate care for families and patients of any age undergoing treatment for any type of cancer.

What differentiates Team Continuum from other cancer fundraising organizations is our focus on making day-to-day life more bearable, rather than working toward finding a cure.

  • We are dedicated to helping cancer patients and their families minimize the disruptions, hardships and uncertainties of everyday life so they can focus on crucial medical care.
  • We provide immediate and vital assistance every step of the way, such as paying household expenses, offering friendship and moral support, and funding health care facilities to enhance the delivery of care, communications and educational services.
  • Our key partnerships are with endurance sports that mirror the challenges, commitment, hope and strength required to endure living with cancer, as well as the ultimate reward in emerging victorious.

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Project Pawsitive

Project Pawsitive is the “Habitat for Humanity”/”Extreme Makeover ” of the animal world. Our mission is rebuilding, restoring and renovating animal rescues on the brink of collapse and/or closure – free of charge.

The Project Pawsitive Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping deserving animal rescues open and saving animals in desperate need of the second chance they deserve.

  • Each year, millions of innocent animals are surrendered to struggling animal rescues on the verge of collapse and closure – from horse shelters and wildlife centers to wolf rescues and humane societies
  • Loss of donations due to the down economy are leaving facilities with, for example, leaking roofs, crumbling foundations and lack of adequate electricity
  • These places of last resort are desperate for peoples’ kindness in order to remain open and save animals in need.

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