How To Work Out Like Kate Upton

How To Work Out Like Kate Upton

Four fitness secrets from the Sexiest Woman Alive!

Kate Upton has quite a resume: model, actress, spokesperson, and People magazine’s first-ever “Sexiest Woman Alive.” Not bad for some who’s not even 23! And with so much riding on her staying in fantastic shape, Upton is focused on keeping fit and healthy. How does Upton maintain her enviable physique? has the secrets to her workout routine!

1. Daily Workouts

When she’s at home, Kate Upton works out five days a week — and we mean she really works out! Upton does hour-long workouts that focus on her core strength. Using celebrity trainer David Kirsch to keep her focused and committed, the Sports Illustrated model does intense circuit training to keep her whole body trimmed and toned.

While she uses free weights regularly, Upton is also a fan of equipment like exercise balls (which help tighten and strengthen her core), and the TRX suspension kit. TRX suspension is a series of ropes and harnesses that has you work out while hanging above the ground. The bodyweight exercises simultaneously build muscle strength, flexibility, and balance. The end results? You look and feel better than you ever imagined! No wonder Kate Upton is such a devoted fan.

2. Staying Fit On The Road

As a model, Kate Upton has to travel a lot for her job. But she doesn’t use that as an excuse to slack off on her workouts; even when she’s on location, the blonde bombshell hits the gym on her own three or four times a week. Without a trainer to help her through more difficult moves (don’t do TRX without supervision), Upton tends to focus on her fat-burning cardio and simple bodyweight exercises. Toning is the main focus when she’s away, enhancing what Kate Upton already has and maintaining the ideal level of fitness.

3. Eat Right

As anyone interested in health knows, what you eat is as important as the time you put in at the gym. Kate Upton takes her diet seriously from the minute she gets up in the morning. For breakfast she loads up on protein and vitamins with egg whites scrambled with spinach. And after a long day of work, Upton will indulge in some sashimi. This is a fantastic choice for sushi fans: you get all the flavor and protein without the excess carbs from the rice. Plus, fish is an amazing source of essential vitamins and minerals you need to keep your body working perfectly.

4. Snack Time!

While Kate Upton has a clean and simple diet, that doesn’t make it boring at all. She snacks on kale chips, which are like potato chips (only, you know, good for you) and satisfy her craving for something crunchy.

When she has a hankering for something sweet, Upton tends to stick to options provided by David Kirscher, like his Thermo Bubbles. This product tastes like pink lemonade, comes packed with vitamins and minerals, helps curb hunger, and burns fat at the same time. It’s like a super-shake!

Even the most vigilant of health nuts sometimes hankers for a candy bar, but Kate Upton has that covered too. She loads up on Kirschbars for long trips, Kirscher’s low-calorie snacks to satisfy sweet cravings. With five flavors to choose from and only 100 calories per serving, this makes for a great option that lets Kate Upton indulge without feeling guilty!

Lauren Saccone/Pazoo