Weird Wednesday: 9 Reasons It’s OK To Be Weird

Weird Wednesday: 9 Reasons It’s OK To Be Weird

As long as you’re being true to yourself, it’s all good.

When was the last time you met someone you considered completely normal? My guess is that it’s been a while. You might’ve not been greeted by much acceptance for all your weirdness during your formative years, that’s okay. There’s a stigma that you face during that periods that seems to fade as the veil of middle, and high school begins to raise. You realize how the world around you is just defaulted to weird, and unpredictable. So don’t stifle yourself. Your weirdness is greatly appreciated, and genuinely sought after. As long as you’re being true to yourself, it’s all good.

1. Your weirdness is your superpower

What some people would consider “flaws” could most likely be your greatest asset. All the ways in which you’re weird are all the ways you stand out in a crowd. The ways you make your mark on the people around you, and the world. If you learn to utilize your superpower instead of keeping it hidden you’ll realize all the potential it could have. Shyness could just make you the greatest listener. Your weird laugh could convey charm, and your genuine reaction. ­Whatever your quirk might be, realize it, and harness it.

2. There is no such thing as normal

Weirdness is inevitable. People aren’t made perfect, and everyone has features that are unique to them. This makes people inconsistent from one to another. Which is basically what weirdness is at its core. It’s an inherent part of you. Be proud of your quirks, and weirdness. It’s a very important part of who you are.

3. Authenticity is sparse

The world is filled with people trying to hide, and push down their weirdness. This is depriving the world of their genuine, unique perspective of life. Thinking outside the mold is what has lead to the world’s greatest innovations and progressions. The greatest art in the world, one could argue, are the pieces that feel the most honest with the most authentic truths. We all need these atypical methods, and thought processes to keep humanity (and ourselves) moving forward.

4. It makes your memorable

Now, not all of us are extrovertly weird, but that’s okay. All of us weirdos make our marks on people in our own way. Whether you’re a more outward eccentric or a quiet, contemplative individual. People will remember those who put on a show as much as those that listen to their deepest thoughts. These are just a few examples, and both are equally valuable. Your eccentricities might be the most interesting qualities about you.

5. Many of the world’s greatest artists were/are weird

The phrase “great artist” and “weirdo” are pretty much synonymous these days. It’s almost as if you can’t get great writers, musicians, painters, or scientists without them being somewhat eccentric. The greatest achievements have been made by artists who hold true to their weirdness. They create amazing art – some worth millions of dollars and will be remembered throughout history. Never underestimate the potential of your weirdness. It’s what makes you great.

6. Resisting your weirdness could lead to negativity

Repression is definitely something that won’t work out well for you. Holding back parts of who you are could make you resentful of the people, and the world around you. Not to mention yourself. It’s important to be true to who you are and all of your quirks. As long as you’re not hurting anyone, allow yourself to be free with who you truly are.

7. Originality always seems weird at first

New things will always seem odd and strange. It takes time to adjust. It’s just human nature. So if people don’t seem to warm up to your oddities at first, don’t fret. Try your best to be patient and, in time, things will seem less strange to them. Whether it be your unique way of thinking or vibrant personality, people need time to adjust. The qualities that truly express who you are as an individual will become clear soon enough. People might even begin to crave your perspective. A quality also shown in works of art. It’s all very relative.

 8. It’s how you find your true friends

People tend to congregate based on their quirks – from a comic book convention to a knitting circle. Everyone finds the people that call to their sensibilities. It’s natural to gravitate toward people that share similar perspectives and ways of living. The more you show off this side of yourself the more people will latch onto those parts of you, and love you all the more for it.

9. Be who you are and the world will follow

When you begin to embrace all the quirks that make you who you are then people will follow. The confidence you bring to the table will encourage those to follow your lead. You’ll stand out above the crowd, and people will take your example. Allowing yourself to be you inadvertently allows others to do the same. Just look at any great musician or writer, the amount of people that are stronger because of what they’ve done. The value of allowing yourself to be weird is absolutely priceless.

Be true to yourself. Be weird.

Joey Pedras/Pazoo