Weird Wednesday: 11 Bizarre Facts For Hump Day

Weird Wednesday: 11 Bizarre Facts For Hump Day

Your weekly dose of Wednesday Weirdness.

From the downright surreal to the just plain strange, we’re passing along some midweek entertainment, courtesy of Buzzfeed:

1. A True Blue-Skinned Family


The Blue Man Group has nothing on a real-life family that lived in Kentucky. The Fulgates of Troublesome Creek were known for having harmless, blue-tinted complexions, due to generations of inbreeding and a rare genetic condition. Now that’s a true-blue bizarre fact!

2. Earthquakes Can Shorten Our Days

A really intense earthquake can actually lead to a shorter day. How? Well the force of the earthquake can change the spin of the Earth’s axis. The 2004 Sumatra earthquake shortened Earth’s days by nearly 7 microseconds.

3. The Flush Heard ‘Round The World


Nowadays we’re desensitized to all sorts of strange and shocking images appearing on the movie screens, but back in the day even showing a toilet could be construed as outrageous. The first movie to ever show a toilet flush was none other than Alfred Hitchcock’s classic horror film, Psycho. (That’s the infamous bathroom murder in the photo above the article!)

4. Melting Icebergs Make Noise

Here’s a bizarre fact for nature lovers: as icebergs and glaciers melt, they make a very distinct sound. And the scientific term for this sound? ‘Bergy seltzer.’

5. There’s A Bloody Glacier

Speaking of glaciers, there’s one out in Antarctica that pours blood red water. Appropriately named Blood Falls, the ominous water makes it look like the glacier is perpetually bleeding. Don’t worry though; that’s just oxidized salt water.

6. Stylish Bacteria Lives In Hairspray

You’ll think of this bizarre fact every time you do your hair: in 2008 scientists made a surprising discovery. There’s a species of bacteria that lives exclusively in your hairspray. Now those are some fancy bacteria!

7. The Eiffel Tower Moves

As the giant metal structure heats up, it actually turns away from the sun. The metal facing the sun expands as it grows hotter, leading to the tower slowly arching away from the source of the heat. On particularly hot days it can move by 7 inches.

8. Lt. Col. ‘Mad Jack’ Churchill Lived Up To His Name

This bizarre fact will appeal to history lovers: the story of Lt. Col. ‘Mad Jack’ Churchill is the stuff of legend. Mad Jack will go down in the annals of history as the only British soldier to kill an enemy with a longbow — during World War II. For reasons that remain unclear, Mad Jack would dive into the fray of battle armed only with a claymore sword and a longbow.

9. Man Survived Lightning Strikes Seven Times

Park Ranger Roy C. Sullivan held the dubious honor of being struck by lightning more than any other person. Between 1942 and 1977, the ranger was hit seven times — and survived each strike.

10. Opera House Crosses Country Borders

One opera house has a rather confusing address. The stage is in Canada; meanwhile, half the audience resides in the United States. Does that mean you might need a passport to get backstage?

11. There Was Once A Cat Piano


Some musical instruments shouldn’t exist, with good reason. In the 17th-century a German scholar invented the cat piano. It consisted of rows of cats in cages, divided up by their vocal tones. The ‘keyboardist’ played this instrument by slamming nails into the tails of the cats to produce a tune. Shockingly enough, this horrifying contraption never really took off.

Lauren Saccone/Pazoo