David’s WOD*: Seize Your Days

David’s WOD*: Seize Your Days

Some valuable advice on how to make the very most of your daily existence.

Life is not boring, or dull, or dry, or depressing. Well, it can be a little depressing at times if enough bad stuff happens, but still. All those others words we choose to associate with life are not fair nor are they accurate. The last word anyone should EVER use to explain life is dull. Life is very far from dull. There is so much to learn and love and discover, that if your life is any of the above words, it is because you have chosen to put it there. If you were to change your mind up and seize your days, you would soon realize that they are awesome and exciting and so many other words you probably don’t get to use enough.

Why Is It Dull?

If dull is a word you are using to explain life, do you not understand your life is a clear reflection on how you choose to live it? If the life you live is dull, don’t you think if you got up to seize the day and changed up your patterns and methods, your life would change too? Why do you find life dull? Is it because you are sitting in front of a TV waiting for the excitement to come to you?

Well that might be half your problem as that is not how life works.

Break the Cycle

So life is dull and meaningless, so when I tell you to seize your days, it means little. The problem with a life that feels dull and meaningless is we often put ourselves in those chains. Wake up and dare to challenge yourself to do something different. Push yourself just a little further.

Life only becomes dull and boring for us when we get into a cycle that allows that. Also, just so you know, if you have the time to think that, you have enough free time to change it.

So How Does One ‘Seize Your Days’?

What makes you happy? What makes you smile and feel like your soul is being fed? Now let me ask the perfect follow-up question: why don’t you do it more? So many of us let passions and dreams and things we adore just sort of die away because life tries to tell us we don’t have time for ‘passions‘ but that is BS.

It is when we stop making time for those passions that we begin forgetting how to smile and life begins to feel black and white to us all. Switch it up.

Push Yourself

Why is it that we stop pushing ourselves as people. As kids we always do it, push ourselves further and make ourselves go farther. But as adults, we seem to just accept mediocrity and the safety that comes along with that. THAT is where our defeat lays. THAT is when our life starts feeling dull and empty. As soon as we allow it and embrace the safety of boredom it becomes real.

Push yourself further and do not ALLOW that.

No, hell no!

If you have a dream, never stop chasing it. If you have a passion, never stop doing it. It is once we push those things aside that we become the emotionless zombies we hate. That is why I am telling YOU to seize your day. Because only YOU know your passions and dreams. And this also means, only YOU allowed people to snuff or suffocate that out to the point when your life feels numb.

The wonderful thing that goes along with this is only YOU can summon them feelings back and start feeling and doing them again. Just that alone will wake up long dormant parts of your soul.

Just Do It

Remember, your life is in your hands. It really is. If I had listened to all the people who told me being a successful CEO of a website was an impossible dream, you would not be reading this right now and be not stepping that much closer to realizing your own dreams and breaking the chains of a life you call dull.

It is YOUR life. Run it how you wish, but make sure to seize your days. Because each one that passes you can never get back again.

*”David’s Word-out Of The Day” By Pazoo Founder & CEO David Cunic