6 Things You Must Do At Least Once Before Summer Ends

6 Things You Must Do At Least Once Before Summer Ends

Hurry, you’ll be wearing a scarf and mittens before you know it!

As sad as it is to say, and as hard as it is to admit, the end of summer is steadily creeping upon us. You can feel it. The days are slowly getting shorter, with the sun dipping behind the horizon a few seconds earlier, every single day. You already know within a month kids will be back to school and that fun, free vibe of summer will be gone with it. Well, you still have some time left. Here are six things you need to do at least once before summer ends.

1. Go Skinny Dipping

Sorry, but this should always be part of everyone’s summer, at least once a season. Find some lake or pond (or ocean or pool) late night and throw caution (and clothing) to the wind. Jump on in! Not only does it liberate the soul, but it makes you feel young, no matter how old you are. Just pick the right spot. Last thing you need to do is traumatize some poor, vacationing family.

2. Play A Round Of Mini-Golf

Sorry, but summer is not summer without at least one round of mini golf. I don’t even care if you don’t like it. It is just a built in part of the summer ritual. Also, yes, we ALL get stuck on the windmill hole.

3. Road Trip

Doesn’t matter where, and doesn’t matter with whom. But at some point you should find yourself in a car with a friend (or lover) on some sort of road trip.

It does the soul some good to get away. You get to drive somewhere further than normal, and adventure often comes with it. You also listen to roadtrip mix CDs (if you are as cool as us, anyway). A summer necessity, by our standards.

4. Car (Or Outdoor) Coitus

Summer lovin’, had me a blast. Please tell me you just sung that last line in your head? If you did, than you know what’s up. Summer means being outside, and it sometimes makes the best of us feel, dare I say, kinky?  Make time for some serious outdoor aventure!!  Summer brings its own set of rules with it. Just don’t pick a mall parking lot. That defeats the purpose, and could also get you arrested. You know a great place to try some car coitus….

5. The Drive-In Movie Theater

Though we realize many of you think these to be extinct beasts, they are not. As a matter of fact, click here to find out where the one closest to you is. If you have never experienced a movie from a car, we can assure you it is an experience quite unlike any other.

Definitely one of the cooler things to add to the list of “must do summer activities”. Plus, you can get away with a lot more in the backseat of your car than at a movie theater. Meow!

6. Make a S’more

I will admit it. I am kind of obsessed with a good S’more. You only have to do it once per summer (though I recommend making them year round). To not make a S’more implies you had no summer at all.

In closing, if you can somehow eat a S’more while having sex during a round of mini golf, and   play naked underwater games during a day trip, you just won summer. Congratulations.

Remy Carreiro/Pazoo