The Art Of Making Marijuana Pipes From ANYTHING

The Art Of Making Marijuana Pipes From ANYTHING

Yes, if need be, you can make marijuana pipes out of anything. Yes, anything.

So flash back. When you are younger and would get your hands on some herb, there was not always a way to smoke it. Though smoking and vaping and medical cannabis and head shops may be everywhere now, that was not always the case. And if you only had a little bit of herb and a little bit of time, you had to be crafty and find ways and methods to make your own marijuana pipes. From oranges you smoke through and eat afterward to tiny Tic-Tac containers, here is a crash course in the hilarity of making marijuana pipes out of anything *and how most new generations will not have to worry about this step ever again.

Rolling Up Rock Bottom

So I think marijuana smokeage rock bottom for me was in the 90s when I couldn’t find a way to smoke some marijuana I had obtained, and heard the rumor you could use a page from the bible. No, really. Papyrus. Wait, it gets better. So I rip a page out a bible I have and roll up an awful, fat, pregnant joint in it. Then me and my buddy go smoke a joint out of bible paper and see The Lion King in the theaters. This story is not a joke. That is so generations now know how tough (and blasphemous) trying to smoke used to be if one did not have proper equipment or tools.

Man, how times have changed, huh?

Soda Cans

A favorite among many people in the 90s was the soda can method. Get an empty soda can. Crumple it. Poke holes in the crumpled middle part. Place marijuana over holes and light, smoke from open tab at top of soda can. Yes, it was a super ghetto way of making marijuana pipes, but guess what?


Granted, the hit would be hot and nasty and you would get soot in your mouth sometimes, but it served its purpose and you could throw away the evidence. That is a win for everyone.

Edible Marijuana Pipes

These seem to be the most easy and the most preferred method, as you can eat the paraphernalia after, leaving nothing to worry about. As you can see from the lead-in photo, you just hollow out a section of the apple that would work like a pipe chamber. You can even drill a side hole in it across from regular hole for a carb.

All you then do is light it and smoke it like you would out of any other kind of pipe. Another cool side note is if you smoke enough, the apple will begin to resonate and soak that resin into its ‘meat.’ This means the apple may pack a slight extra zing after ingestion (though not really anything noticeable, as the THC has not been reduced in a fat of any kind).

People have also been known to use oranges, potatoes, and any other round fruit or veggie that would be conducive to this kind of on-the-fly engineering.

Human Skulls

Well, I am kidding here, as I have never had a skull laying around. But I am sure you could make a human skull into the scariest bong ever.

Moving on.

My Shining Moment?

I talked about the bible thing and how I felt utter shame after (not even because of religion, I could care less about that aspect. Just because of how lame it was) I also had a moment of marijuana pipe engineering that blew some people’s minds (as well as my own) and went down in local stoner legend for just how crafty it was.

So was with friends, marijuana obtained, and we had nothing to smoke it with. Not even access to a can. BUT, a friend has a Tic-Tac container on his person. I look at it for a minute and decided: I can do this. I am gonna MacGyver this beotch.

I always had tin foil on me in the 90s because that is how you would make screen for a lot of these pipes (and worse comes to worse, you could shape foil into actual pipe) but I only had a little. So I cracked a hole in the side of the mint container. I put a tiny bit of foil in the opening the tic tacs fall out of. We could put about a hit in at a time, and we could not light it long seeing as the bowl was freaking plastic. But sure enough, the thing worked (for a very short while).

Looking Back…

Looking back now that there is a head shop on every corner and you can buy pipes at most general stores, all you can do is laugh. Laugh at how stupid (but damn crafty) we were. But learn from our mistakes. May no generation ever have to go through that madness again.

 Vape life, baby. Vape life.

Remy Carreiro/Pazoo

These suggestions are intended for people in states where marijuana use has been legalized. If you are using marijuana products for medical treatment, be sure to consult a professional for individual counseling.