Medical Cannabis: New Hope For Babies Born With Brain Injuries

Medical Cannabis: New Hope For Babies Born With Brain Injuries

Very few treatments are available; cannabinoids are showing promise.

With support for the nationwide legalization of medical marijuana on the rise, scientists are finally conducting valuable research on cannabinoids – the compounds found in cannabis – to understand their potential use in the treatment of an expanding range of ailments and conditions.

A study conducted by the Society of Cannabis Clinicians suggests cannabis as a viable treatment for infants suffering from perinatal brain injuries – which occur shortly before, during, or after birth. There are many causes of trauma to the young, vulnerable brain, however, there are very few treatments available today. Cannabis could be the answer that families of debilitated children have been praying for.

Perinatal Brain Injuries

The causes of perinatal brain injuries include neonatal asphyxia, neonatal hypoxia-ischemia, and/or stroke-induced focal ischemia. Essentially, the baby’s brain is deprived of essential oxygen, causing an oxygen-related brain injury that kills brain cells and could lead to cerebral palsy, severe seizures, cognitive disabilities, and behavioral disorders. The treatment options for these newborns are depressingly few and ineffective.

According to the abovementioned study, “There is a dramatic need to develop new effective therapies aimed at preventing acute brain damage and enhancing the endogenous mechanisms of long-term brain repair.

Stopping the damage; triggering repair

“They [Cannabinoids] can modulate a wide range of cellular pathways and pathological mechanisms that participate in the generation of perinatal brain injury. Cannabinoids are also known to control the cell cycle and the proliferation, survival and differentiation of neural stem cells, capabilities that target them as interesting experimental drugs for the enhancement of endogenous brain repair responses to perinatal brain injury.”

So, not only will the use of cannabis help prevent further cell death, it could also aid in brain repair. The bottom line: The use of cannabis as a treatment could drastically alter the developmental recovery as we know it today. More research needs to be completed and the political/medical community must view potential medicinal cannabis uses with an open mind.

A real natural

It’s also important to note that endocannabinoids are naturally produced in breast milk, suggesting that the use of cannabinoids (in the proper setting and consumption method) is a safe treatment for infants just out of the womb.

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If you are using legal cannabis products for medical treatment, do so under the supervision of a professional caregiver.