Know The Dosage Of Your Marijuana Edibles

Know The Dosage Of Your Marijuana Edibles

Beware of the difference between the effect of edibles versus smoking.

There is something funny happening in medical marijuana circles right now. There is a movement of people who do not want to actually “smoke” anything, but still want the medicinal and beneficial effects of medical marijuana. What they are choosing to do, often, is go the route of marijuana edibles. Eating something that has been made and infused with cannabis butter or cannaoil, as opposed to lighting something up and taking it in their lungs. While one can understand the allure and ease of use with edibles, what most don’t understand is the effects one gets from eating edibles is very different than the effect one would get from smoking marijuana. Today, we will explore some of the differences and the key to knowing your dosage and how to get started.

So You Want To Try Edibles Instead Of Smoking

The first thing I tell people when they tell me this is that they need to be aware that they are actually being a bit riskier. While edibles are amazing, it can often be said that they are stronger than when you smoke. Especially for recreational users, smoking marijuana allows you to actively engage and feel your state after every hit, knowing when you are at that perfect point and just want to put it down. Edibles do NOT work like that at all. It tends to be all or nothing.

The Medicinal Effects

The thing about eating, let’s say, a pot brownie is you are taking the entirety of all the MG of THC in that entire brownie in you, and the truth is, you might not be aware of the punch that packs. While I have partaken in many forms, I can honestly tell you an edible was the thing that once pretty much knocked me on the ground. Not in a bad way, mind you, because I am well aware and accustomed to what MMJ does. But I knew if that was a newbie had my exact experience, they might have freaked out a little. Some proof of what happens when you eat pot brownies and are unaware of how much pot may actually be in them or how potent it is:

First off, don’t be scared. You cannot overdose on marijuana and both this man and his wife ended up being fine after a long nap. Thing is, they stand as the perfect template for someone messing with edibles who has no idea what that may do to them.

The High

Eating marijuana laced edibles is, first off, a very couch high. You will basically be planted wherever you are when it kicks in and stay there the whole time. The second thing is, the high is a bit more hallucinatory than regular smoking would be. You are not seeing dragons or anything, but as you can see from the video above, it can get a little intense. The key is knowing how much to take, knowing how long it takes to kick in, and knowing what dosage works best for you. Yes, I am here to help with that, too.

What To Take

Basically, the best way to approach any edible if you are new to the MMJ scene is, take half at first and wait 60-90 minutes. Yes, you read that correctly. Whereas smoking is instant, eating is the opposite. This is where some people encounter a problem. They eat some and think it did nothing, so they eat more, and then eat more, and by the time it all kicks in, they have hit maximum peak and are out in the cosmos.

What you really should do is eat a half of a treat and wait the full 90 minutes to gauge the affect it has on you. Once you know, you move forward from there. Yes, it takes some patience, but the effects make it worth it if you know how long to wait.

End Result

Like I stated before, the edible high is much more of an Indica based high. It’s a great medicine for people who have anxiety or sleep issues (as edibles will often help you to sleep like a baby), but know your dosage and know the effects of edibles before leaping in and eating half a pan of brownies. That is something you never forget.

Please heed this advice so  you don’t learn a lesson the hard way.

Antonio Del Hierro/Pazoo

This information is intended for people in states where cannabis use has been legalized. Be sure to check with your professional caretaker to discuss your individual needs.