Are Hash And Marijuana The Same Thing?

Are Hash And Marijuana The Same Thing?

So, are hash and marijuana the same thing, or is hash somehow more dangerous?

For those of you who have wondered about this, Pazoo, Inc. – a company at the forefront of medical marijuana health and wellness through its testing lab operations – wants to clear up any confusion. As the burgeoning medical marijuana industry continues to expand into more and more states, it’s important that everyone have the facts straight so that you can use these products sensibly and safely.

Hash: What Is It?

This is pretty simple, really. If you placed some cannabis leaves, stems and/or flower buds in a grinder with a mesh screen, the part of the plant known as the kief would be sifted out and fall to the bottom. The kief is basically the trichromes (or resin glands) of cannabis, busted down into a powder. Trichomes are what deliver the marijuana high and all the other medical benefits – tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD), and other cannabinoids.

So what does this have to do with hash?

That’s Where It Comes From

So that kief is pretty much hash – essentially, it’s squashed and pressed together so it binds and forms one solid chunk. That is the basic, blonde hash you see in and around many dispensaries now. That is why it is “blonde.” Because the kief is amber in color for the most part.

What About Bubble Hash?

Bubble hash is a little different. It has a darker hue, and can pack a stronger and more sedative reaction than the blonde. Regardless of color or how intimidating a black goo may look, bubble hash is basically made from the same thing.

In other words, yes, hashish is marijuana. It is just more concentrated.

How It Is Different Than Oil and Extracts?

It really isn’t that much different. Truth is, dabs, extracts, and oils, were once called hash oil when they first came into popularity many decades ago. But the name and how people actually smoked it changed over time. But if a dispensary offers you hash or extracts, do NOT think you are straying from the medical marijuana path at all into more serious stuff.

They are all extracts taken from marijuana, and their only difference is, they are concentrated (and therefore, more expensive and more powerful).

So HOW Powerful Is It?

Truth is, you can look at medical marijuana in three tiers. Plant, and then hash, and finally, oils or dabs. Plants being weakest, hash being next strongest, and oils and dabs being the most powerful. Look at it this way. If you got prescribed antibiotics tomorrow for an infection, they might be 100 MG. If you were sicker, the MG count would be higher.

THAT is exactly how you view hash. If ingesting plant is 100 MG, hash is 200. It is just a stronger form of the same exact medicine.

Fine Print

If you live in a state where marijuana is legal, be sure to get your hash from a licensed dispensary or care-giver. Because there are many ways of extracting, and not all methods are as sound and as safe as the other, so you want product you can trust for performance and safety.

The Dispensary Rule

Just so you understand, if something is at a dispensary for medical marijuana, it IS medical marijuana, period. Whether that medicine is in a brownie, or in a cookie, or in the form of hash or oil. They are still providing you the medicine you need. There are just multiple ways one can take it. Knowledge is power when it comes to medical marijuana, so if you hear your friends being scared of hash or extracts, take a moment and educate them

Educating the whole world helps the medical marijuana movement in the end.

This information is intended for people in states where marijuana use has been legalized. If you are using marijuana products for medical treatment, be sure to consult a professional for individual counseling.

Remy Carreiro/Pazoo