The Green Light: What Are The Most Popular Strains Of Medical Marijuana?

The Green Light: What Are The Most Popular Strains Of Medical Marijuana?

With about 800 varieties to choose from, which are favored and why?

We talk about medical marijuana a lot here, and with good reason. Whether or not people want to accept it, the glaring reality staring us all in the face is this is going to be a booming industry over the next decade. From job opportunities to tax revenues to a more wide acceptance of medical marijuana as a viable and miraculous medicine. But one question we get a lot in emails and in messages and on our Facebook page is, what are the most most popular strains of medical cannabis?

Depends on Your Needs…and Personal Preference

Remember, each medicine comes down to what it’s being used to treat, and then fine-tuned by  individual reaction. Are you a working man or woman who has physical pain that needs numbing but still want to have energy to get your work done? Then you want to make sure you are getting a sativa strain.

On the other hand, are you someone who needs help with anxiety or perhaps unwinding after a long and stressful day? Then you want an indica. The following strains may be most popular, but it comes down to the prescriber, patient and personal preference. Remember that!

Top Sativas:

Strawberry Cough

With its fruity taste and fun name, strawberry cough has been a favored sativa for some time now. Great for providing a boost of energy to help get things done whilst still enjoying the benefits of this amazing medicine.

Problem is, the strawberry cough strain is widely distributed, so it may be harder for some folks to find in states where it’s legalized.

Triple Diesel

Generally, the “diesel” strains are powerhouses, and triple D is no different. The name comes from the very distinct smell, and though a sativa, the user should go slow on this strain as it packs a pretty serious punch.

Also, do not call it triple D like I just did. That was lame and unforgivable.

Durban Poison

Keep in mind, when I talk about how different sativas and indicas are, I am not giving the full credit to the fact that most strains are actually hybrids. Very few pure breeds are left in the market. Durban Poison is one such strain, pure sativa.

Though light in CBD, it is very high in THC and is a strain that the user will definitely feel from toes to nose.

Top Indica:

Grandaddy Purp

This strain might be the most well known for the effect known as “couch lock.” This is for those who really feel anxiety and cannot relax or unwind at the end of the day. A dose of Grandaddy Purp strain and will have the user chilling with the best of them and sleeping like a baby.

Banana Kush

Even though it has a funny name, banana kush in no joke. This particular strain, THC-wise, might be the hardest hitter on the entire list, packing as much as 20 percent THC. And like all kush with fruit names, it has a sweet layer of flavor that adds to its appeal and benefits.


Again, please let me point out, more of a hybrid of sativa and indica than a straight indica, it is called Trainwreck for a reason. Though there is some sativa in it, this strain is locomotive powerful.

Truth is, if you were to poll medical marijuana users right now, Trainwreck would probably be the name dropped most often.

Honorable Mention…

Growing in popularity are the cheese strains. Though some dislike that pungent smell and taste, for many, it is what comes with it that makes the cheese strains (like Blue Cheese) so damn good.

If you are a medical marijuana user, which strains have given you the best results for your condition? Please hit us up and give us your thoughts!

This information is intended for people in states where marijuana use has been legalized. If you are using marijuana products for medical treatment, be sure to consult a professional for individual counseling.

Remy Carreiro/Pazoo