Cannabis As An Aphrodisiac

Cannabis As An Aphrodisiac

Medical cannabis for a healthy sex life.

One of the biggest misconceptions about medical cannabis is that it is a medicine that will make you lazy or lethargic. This is not the least bit true. This is an after-effect of the propaganda phase of marijuana. Laziness and lethargy was a few of the things that were used to turn people off of this miraculous plant. While it could be said that extended sessions with the Indica strain will get you pretty relaxed, there is one aspect of cannabis very few people seem to talk about. Its effects as an aphrodisiac. Trust me, this plant can do it all, and you can do it all on this plant.

Everyone’s Fire Goes Out From Time to Time

First thing to address here is, everyone’s spark goes out from time to time. No, we are not talking about the cannabis spark. We are talking about that physical spark we feel that makes us want to engage with our partners or lovers. This can be the result of many things. Stress, work, family, personal health issues and health background, and so on. There is rarely just one factor, and there is nothing particularly abnormal about it. Life happens and throws us off sometimes.

But what people are wrong about is how to get turned back on.

This happens once or twice to a man and he thinks Viagra. This happens once or twice to a woman, she begins to wonder if her man (or woman) is beginning to no longer hold her interest. Both of those thoughts are extreme, and can be dialed in with a moonlit night, some good music, and some medical cannabis.

But How Does Cannabis Turn Us On?

Easy, what you need to think of when you think of medical cannabis is, it is not THE party itself. It is the DJ. It sets the mood and the rest is up to the individual person. What cannabis can be done to entice someone sexually is, it often causes one to drop his or her inhibitions a bit and allow themselves to be more free and comfortable. This can not only result with them being more comfortable with their lover, but also, with being more comfortable in their own skin.

When someone feels comfortable with themselves, they are more likely to let go in the bedroom. Feeling free in one’s self is everything when it comes to intimacy.

It’s All About The Mood

So the idea of using cannabis as an aphrodisiac involves a sort of three-tier plan. One, obtain cannabis through a legal source. I would suggest an Indica, because it will result in a more rhythmic and sensual experience. Mood is then set as it would be by anyone wanting to entice another. Light some candles, and play whatever music is most appealing sexually to you and your partner.

At this point, sit back and just partake in some plant with your person of choice. What you will see is the lighting and music are working to accentuate the feeling that the cannabis is giving, and this will cause the three tier system to click into place. The lighting will accentuate the music which will accentuate the moment. I think you know where this goes next.

Not Like Being Drunk

What is amazing about cannabis fused love-making is that this is not liquor. Neither of you are in any way out of your minds or likely to forget this. This is about two souls connecting on a deep level, but using cannabis as a key to help open yourself to that experience.

This is not a case of two people getting wasted and then pawing each other for 20 minutes before they pass out. No, this is about reconnecting with someone spiritually, and using a miraculous plant to help get you to that place again.

No Spanish Fly

So keep in mind, medical cannabis is not Spanish Fly. It is not just going to make your horny on its own. But when used correctly in tandem with other elements, it can truly set the mood for what can be an utterly amazing evening for all involved. And many evenings after that as well.

Best part? No hangover and no walk of shame!

Remy Carreiro/Pazoo

This information is not intended as medical or emotional advice and is for people in states where marijuana use has been legalized. If you are using marijuana products for medical treatment, be sure to consult a professional for individual counseling.