Everyday Anti-aging Tips

Everyday Anti-aging Tips

You can’t stop time, but you can help lessen time’s inevitable aging process by eating well and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Here are some other ideas, originally seen on Health.com, that may surprise you:

Stop Multi-tasking. We all do this to some extent at work, at home, or both if you work at home. But multi-tasking creates stress because many things go unfinished. If you can avoid it, try finishing one thing at a time before moving on. See how it improves your focus and reduces stress.

Sugar. It’s well known that sugar is harmful to teeth and contributes to weight gain, but according to Susan Stuart, MD, a San Diego, Calif. board-certified dermatologist, sugar also leads to loss of radiance in skin, dark circles under the eyes, and increase in fine lines and wrinkles. That’s enough reason to lay off the daily cookie.

Sleep. It is not a secret that seven to eight hours of sleep are recommended for adults, but many people get by on five or less. Sleep deprivation on a regular basis has dire consequences for your overall health, including taking years off your life. If that’s not an aging process that you want to eliminate, I don’t know what is! Try adjusting your schedule to ensure a full night’s sleep.

Sitting all day. This is a tough one because many jobs require just that. If you have a desk job, you’re at a risk for kidney disease, cardiovascular issues and of course obesity. But this doesn’t mean you should quit your job, just make time for physical activity as often as you can to counter the sedentary week.  And try not to slouch—bad posture creates stress on your spine and eventual unwanted curvatures.

Eye cream. While most cosmetics aren’t great for your skin, a good under eye cream with retin A will keep the delicate wrinkle-prone skin moisturized and younger looking.

Sunscreen. Wear it every day. Sun exposure is the number one cause of skin aging, so not only do you protect yourself from a skin cancer risk, you can counter the aging effects of the sun.

Healthy fats. Some fat is needed in your diet for healthy, supple skin, so cutting it all out can lead to unpleasant effects. Keep nuts and oily fish on your diet menu.

Although we can’t stop the clock, these ideas are worth examining if you’d like to at least look like you have.

This information is not intended as nutritional or medical advice. Be sure to consult a professional for individual counseling.

J.M. Cooper / Pazoo