Don’t Believe Your Friends Are As Perfect As They Seem

Don’t Believe Your Friends Are As Perfect As They Seem

We’ve all read our friends’ Facebook updates about their perfect lives, but are they real?

It happens every day. We log into Facebook and there are people that are constantly bragging about how ideal their lives are. The perfect family, perfect relationships, perfect kids. It should make us happy, after all, these are our friends, but can it be believed? We need to remember to take these updates with a major grain of salt.

No One Has A Perfect Life. They Just Don’t.

No one wants to talk about the difficulties that plague our lives, but that’s reality. When we use social media, we can pick and choose the events that shape our lives, and therefore our friends get a skewed view of what is really going on day to day. We all do it to an extent. It’s hard to “like” or comment on a tough situation put on the internet for everyone to see, but there is something almost strangely refreshing when a friend posts something like “I cannot describe how much my kids are driving me insane today” or “My husband is on my very last nerve” instead of half-truths and whitewashed information.

Lift The Veil On Your Life

Perhaps it is the veil we all want to put on our lives. We all have problems, some more severe than others, but updating your Facebook with that information can make us feel like failures or even worse, it can make us judge ourselves much more harshly than our friends ever would. But it’s important to be true to yourself, and if that means you post about missing a loved one who has passed away, or that you didn’t get to shower for three days because the baby has colic, then say it! There’s no reason not to be truthful with yourself, and you might find some unlikely praise from others who relate.

The Struggle With Honesty

When I started my blog, I struggled with sharing personal stories. No one wanted to hear about my struggles, I thought. They want funny stories about what my cats did, or entertaining snippets heavily edited from reality. But when I opened up about myself, especially my struggles with addiction and mental illness, I received so much support and solidarity from others who felt the same way or were going through a similar situation. It was truly eye opening to see that so many people who can put up a front that everything is fine were struggling as much, if not more than I was. And that’s when I started getting real on social media. It was so freeing, and I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

Give Yourself A Break From “Perfection”

So the next time you’re having a hard day, or your child is sick, or your partner is being impossible, say it. Say it and I guarantee you will find like-minded people who will raise you up when you are down, who will make you laugh with stories of their own imperfect lives, and will let you know that you are never alone in your struggles. Of course there will always be things you want to keep private, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but there are so many every day situations that can bring us together instead of making the effort to be less than truthful.

Because really, you’re only lying to yourself. Be kind to you, and others will follow.

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