David’s WOD*: Dreams Of What I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up

David’s WOD*: Dreams Of What I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up

What became of your goals?

We all had dreams as children. Big, epic dreams about who and what we wanted to be when we grew up. These dreams were often formed by what we saw and those around us who made strong impressions. Perhaps people we saw on TV, or our parents and the elders we lived around who influenced us. Yet, you ask someone as an adult what they wanted to be, and what they are and what they WANTED to be end up being completely different things. Why is that? Truth is, we evolve, and often our dream do with us (or we lose sight of them altogether). When I was a child I grew up with a dream about what I wanted to be, and managed to make that happen, but not in the way I expected.

Parents and Dreams

First off, before I get into the more practical dream I had growing up about what I wanted to be, I will tell you about my other dream. A firefighter! I know it sounds like me trying to sound badass, but you need to understand, this is what I grew up around. My father has been a volunteer firefighter for 45 years. I love the man and have seen him do it my entire life, and even I cannot wrap my head around it. VOLUNTEER. Meaning he runs into fires WILLINGLY to save people and risk his own life (and for no pay other than the reward of knowing you are doing good for the world). Seeing that as a child and teen had a huge impact on me.

He made me realize super-heroes do exist. But they don’t wear capes. But I also knew that gig would take a serious amount of courage, and sadly, the lack of pay is hard incentive for someone trying to find solid footing in life.


Yup, you read that correctly. I cannot put into works how passionate I have been about basketball throughout my life. You might not see me and think “now there’s a  B-Ball player,” but that is what makes it so great. I always related to the Woody Harrelson character in White Men Can’t Jump because he spends the entirety of that film being underestimated, and yet ends up blowing minds. Keep in mind, I am not implying I am good as he was in that film (that was all Hollywood, people). But I can sink a three from downtown that will leave your jaw on the floor.

But no matter what you think, SOMEONE in your life will sit down with you if you want to be a basketball player and tell you that is not a realistic goal. But if you are good enough, that is when reality hits. Wait, I have an idea!

Play in College

I can get my basketball fix by playing in college, which will also give me a better assessment if this is a realistic goal or more along the lines of a dream. Well, let me tell you. Once you are playing college basketball, that is no longer a dream. That is a dream you realized. It is a reality. You ARE playing, and the funny thing is, in that moment, you realize you did it. You made it. Maybe not the way you thought as a kid, but you made it further in realizing the dream than most around you expected. That is a pretty great feeling, to be honest. But that is also when reality hit me. I am good at this, and I love this, but I don’t think I could live this.

That is when my path changed.

Where I Landed

Look where I am now? I get to talk about these past experience, while sharing this information with those around me to help them. I still get to talk sports (even for a living, technically) and I am surrounded by amazing people, building an amazing brand that is slowly taking off and taking many with it. I honestly could not be happier how this all played out.

So remember, just because you dreams and what you want to be evolve, doesn’t mean you let the old ones die. It just means you found bigger dreams!

*”Word-out Of The Day” by Pazoo Founder & CEO David Cunic