Dave’s WOD: Balancing Mind, Body, And Soul

Dave’s WOD: Balancing Mind, Body, And Soul

In today’s “Word-out of the Day,” Pazoo Co-Ceo David Cunic delves into the importance of keeping a zen balance in your life.

Fitness, health, and happiness have always been a huge part of my life. Just finding that zen spot between the mind, body, and soul, where all three are balanced. But, truth is, there are some twisted ideals in this world when it comes to the definition of fitness. People seem to look at fitness as purely a body thing. Though the physical aspect of fitness is a key component, it is not the sole component, and this is what throws most people off. Listen, I hate to be the one who breaks it to you, but a perfect body with an ugly soul makes for imperfection. To truly be healthy in the fullest┬ásense, one must reach a zen balance between the three. This is more easily achieved than most lend themselves to believe. A big part is just taking the first step, and that is what I’m here to help you with.

The Body

This is the shell we ride in, essentially. The body we were born into and then have to work to keep in good condition. But this step might just be the easiest in the sense that anyone can go outside for a walk and anyone can go for a bike ride. Though those acts are physically challenging, they are wholly possible by most. The problem with a zen balance between mind, body, and soul is, you quickly realize the outside is the easiest part. Hit the gym a few times a week and you are on your way.

The real trauma comes from the realization that mastering the other two will be much more challenging. But remember, challenging does not mean impossible.

The Mind

The mind is an area where many of us need the most work. Why? Because, as humans, we become damaged. We take on the things that happen to us and that stuff weighs in the back of our minds and weighs us down. The other thing is, there is no gym for the mind, Some might say going to a shrink, and that does sort of apply, but the reality is, the only person who is going to help you clean and cleanse your mind and ease it is you.

But don’t be completely freaked out, because this is far more possible than you think. The reason most of us are troubled in the mind or anxious is because we have been conditioned to feel that way and react that way and scare ourselves into submission.

I have a couple pieces of advice on a some ways to clean the mind. One, look ahead and not behind. You are not going that way, and facing that way will make moving forward that much harder. Two, shut off the network news. You can still get your info daily through newspapers and websites, but it is known watching the news (and all the death and sadness) can have some very damaging long-term affects. If all you take in is bad news, you will begin to sponge that.

Another idea is to change up your patterns. Learn how to stop being so hard on yourself about decisions and realize life has a plan for you and you are just following it. Once you find peace in that, it greatly quiets the mind, which balances everything out for the final and most important part….

The Soul

This one is actually tougher than the mind and the body because, believe it or not, this one was a lot to do with whom you choose to surround yourself with. While we may be in control of our bodies and, for the most part, our minds, our souls are quiet, sitting inside of us, and they are also more sponge like than we think.

If you are around negative people or souls who take joy in doing wrong, your soul takes that on. Enough of that, and it begins to weigh on you and change you. The kicker is, the soul is the pilot inside the vehicle (which is the body), so when the soul is off, the ride does not go well.

Meditation and yoga are a big help in balancing the mind and soul with the body. Things like what you watch on TV, what you eat, who you surround yourself with. These all factor in, and you may need to look at your life and address it honestly if you want to find the perfect zen balance.

Keep in mind, no one fully masters the balance (as that is called actualization or nirvana and is said to be quite difficult to attain). But you CAN find the balance that is best for you!

David Cunic/Pazoo