Cannabis Dispensary Owners Are Not Drug Dealers

Cannabis Dispensary Owners Are Not Drug Dealers

Breaking the stigma of selling a good drug with a bad reputation.

New cannabis dispensaries are sprouting up all along the road paved by legalization of medical – and some recreational – marijuana. Considering that marijuana is now being recognized as an effective treatment for a plethora of physical diseases and emotional ailments, this is a very positive development, although there are many folks who still view cannabis dispensaries as just drug dealers with a temporary license for a fad that will soon pass and/or once again be outlawed.

There could be nothing further from the truth than holding to this perception. The reality of the monumental momentum that marijuana legalization is generating in America is profoundly important to ALL people living in this country … and on our planet.

Cannabis – a Cure for the World?

Human suffering from disease and injury affects just about every single person on earth. Unfortunately, most medicine is man-made, patented, and expensive. Billions of people cannot afford the recommended synthetic medicines that doctors prescribe for their ailments, and the one plant which can treat literally dozens of ills, and can help people heal affordably is widely illegal! It just seems cruel to continue allowing the stigma against marijuana to prevail when the natural chemical compounds in cannabis can cure many of humanity’s ills … ultimately, at no or little cost!

What it really seems to boil down to is money. Pharmaceutical corporations (Big Pharma) have nothing to gain from cannabis; in fact, they have a lot to lose – huge profits. It’s sad, but true, and many of us realize it. And it is changing as more and more people learn about the proactive and curative wonders of cannabis.

Cannabis Dispensaries are ‘Legal’ Drug Distributors

Many natural medicines such as cannabis, which can be cultivated ‘freely,’ are within our reach … but most governments around the world, and many states in America (based on misleading information), still hold to the stigma that marijuana is a bad thing.

Many of the people who start and run cannabis dispensaries are motivated by a sincere desire to help those who are sick and in need of effective and affordable medicine. And, where legal, to supply recreational products that help people enjoy life with reduced stress and enhanced awareness. Other dispensary owners are serious businesspeople who have every right to market a legal and  affordable product. Pharmacists are not considered drug dealers even though many of the prescription meds they sell are abused and cause a tragic number of deadly overdoses. (Unlike marijuana with no reported overdose deaths.)

Time to Buy the Truth

Unfortunately, some people in this country choose to remain ignorant about the scientific facts presented to the public that medical cannabis is actually beneficial to people, which goes against the decades of the government’s war on drugs and the arrest of many millions of Americans caught with a slandered herb.

To help those who wish to break free from this stigma, there is a ‘ton’ of cannabis research that supports the true value of marijuana as an effective all-natural medicine. Here’s one report on cannabis and cancer: 20 Medical Studies That Show Cannabis Can Be A Potential Cure Cancer.

For the many people not able to afford expensive Big Pharma medicines to alleviate their sufferings or simply believe that medical marijuana is a safe and effective alternative, cannabis dispensaries provide an invaluable service. These business owners are mavericks in a re-discovered ancient healing field and, rather than labeling them in a negative way, they deserve our gratitude.

John M. Gardener/The Pot Pundit


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