8 Caffeine-Free Ways To Stay Awake All Day

8 Caffeine-Free Ways To Stay Awake All Day

Eyelids getting heavy? Stay sharp with these decaffeinated alternatives.

Look, we love coffee. It’s delicious and it gives us the pep we need to get through a day. But sometimes you want to forgo the inevitable crash that accompanies your regular coffee intake (not to mention those who simply can’t consume caffeine in any form). Or maybe you’re trying to cut down on your coffee budget and need some new tricks to stay awake during long meetings. Whatever your reasoning behind skipping caffeine, we’ve got you covered; LifeHack.org has some smart and simple ways to stay awake, sans caffeine.

1. Sniff Some Citrus

Grab some lemon slices and take a deep whiff. That crisp, clean scent has been shown to wake you up and even elevate your mood. It’s a caffeine-free way to perk up in a hurry.

2. Take A Walk

Stretching your legs and getting the blood flowing through your system is a great way to fight the urge to zone out at your desk. Even if it’s just a short jaunt to the bathroom or around the office, it’s a caffeine-free solution for your need to snooze.

3. Work In Short Segments

If you’re having trouble focusing, stop forcing yourself to stick to one task for a long period of time. Instead, break down your time into 10-minute increments. For those 10 minutes, focus on one project. When the time is up, switch to another task. Making your brain move around from one activity to another will wake you up and keep you energized.

4. Jog Up And Down The Stairs

You can be caffeine-free and still keep sharp — you just need to get moving. Find the nearest stairwell and jog up and down it. This quick cardio will send oxygen flowing to your brain, and sharpen your wits enough to get back to work.

5. Take A Nap

Sometimes sleep is the best solution; take a short nap if you can. But don’t feel guilty — turns out that a 20-minute snooze is a caffeine-free way to improve productivity and increase creativity. Sounds like an excellent reason to aim for some sweet dreams.

6. Engage In Some Serious Brainstorming

Do some unstructured free-thinking. If your brain is in a rut, this will clear out the cobwebs and get you back on track. Even if nothing useful comes from it, brainstorming can be an excellent mental exercise. And who knows? You might just come up with the solution to that project that’s been bugging you.

7. Blast Some Music

Nothing wakes you up in the morning like singing along to some peppy songs, so turn up the radio and jam to anything with a high-tempo and a good beat. Oh, but if you’re with other people it might be best to skip out on singing aloud — some coworkers might not appreciate your enthusiastic rendition of ‘Living’ On A Prayer.’

8. Drink Water

It’s caffeine-free but it can still wake you up in a hurry. Dehydration can result in sleepiness, disorientation, and a drop in your mood. Skip out on soda or anything sugary and go for pure, plain water. You’ll feel alert and hydrated, and ready to get back to work.

Lauren Saccone/Pazoo