6 Fitness Tips From Taylor Swift

6 Fitness Tips From Taylor Swift

Find out how the sassy singer rocks her stunning figure.

Taylor Swift is a woman on the run. The 25-year-old singer is busy producing music, promoting her work, and performing around the world. And through it all, the superstar continues to look absolutely fantastic. How does Taylor Swift maintain her enviable look? WebMD.com has the superstar’s tips on how to stay in performance-ready shape!

1. Commitment Is Key

No matter how hectic her schedule is, Taylor Swift makes sure to get in a workout. Even when she’s touring nonstop across the globe, Swift makes sure to run on the treadmill for an hour a day. How does she work that in to a truly crazy timeline? The singer makes sure that she schedules it in as another essential part of her day, and doesn’t slack off.

2. Proper Motivation

In order to keep herself amped while running, she makes sure her iPod is packed with new music. To keep herself from losing enthusiasm or motivation, Swift only allows herself to listen to certain music while she’s running. So if she wants to jam to a favorite tune, she had better lace up her sneakers and get moving!

3. Take A Break

Commitment to fitness is incredibly important to Taylor Swift, but the singer also knows when to take a break. If she works out for a full week, she’ll take a day off to relax and rebuild her strength. Then when she steps back on the treadmill, she’s recharged and raring to go!

4. Do What You Love

If you find an exercise that works for you, stick with it. Taylor Swift doesn’t like any other form of exercise but running; she’s tried others, but they haven’t had the consistent sticking power to get her pumped. So instead of wasting time trying workouts that don’t hold her interest, Swift keeps to the cardio. If she needs to switch it up, she goes from the elliptical to the treadmill. Don’t force yourself to do a workout you don’t enjoy; it will sap your motivation, and you’ll end up making excuses to avoid the gym.

5. Drink Up

Taylor Swift is one of the most hydrated celebrities out there. The singer credits a large portion of her health to constantly chugging water. She eschews soda and other sugary beverages, preferring to satisfy her thirst with up to ten bottles a day. Not only does this keep her healthy and energized, it promotes clear skin.

6. Know When To Indulge

Taylor Swift tries to eat healthy foods throughout the week; she enjoys salads, yogurt, and sandwiches packed with vegetables. But that doesn’t mean the singer doesn’t know when to give herself a break. The singer doesn’t try to stick to any specific diet, saying such restrictions can end up frustrating her. So while she goes for healthier options as often as she can, Swift doesn’t follow a particular diet. And what’s more, she gives herself a break. On weekends she’ll savor a burger and fries, or a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. By not seeing this as ‘cheating,’ Swift can enjoy these treats without guilt or going overboard. This balanced view of healthy eating keeps Taylor Swift feeling great, and looking fantastic!

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