5 Workout Secrets From Chris Pratt

5 Workout Secrets From Chris Pratt

See how the Guardians of the Galaxy star got buff in a hurry!

It was a transformation that seemed unbelievable: one minute Chris Pratt was playing the lovable, pudgy Andy Dwyer on the hit comedy “Parks and Recreation.” The next minute he was saving the universe as the sexy, ripped Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy. How did the multifaceted star get fit so fast? Fitmole has the secrets behind his out-of-this-world physique!

1. Set A Deadline

Chris Pratt didn’t just get into shape for the heck of it: he was signed up to star in an intense science fiction adventure. Because of the physically demanding nature of the role, he had to get fit in a major hurry. Pratt had a deadline for his efforts; so he gave himself six months to get in superhunk shape. Setting a goal (even a more reasonable one than his) will keep you focused and on track.

2. Keep Lifting

A lot of people worry that they’ll bulk up if they lift heavy weights. They prefer to do numerous reps of lower weight. The truth is that lifting a lot is incredibly helpful if you want to lose weight. Keeping up your strength will ensure that your body is burning a ton of calories at all times. Additionally, most people don’t have the physiology that will turn them into a bodybuilder with a few heavy reps. You’ll end up with strong, sculpted muscles long before you have to worry about being too bulky. Chris Pratt challenged himself at his workouts by regularly lifting, and the results speak for themselves.

3. Don’t Fast

It’s amazing how many people think starving themselves is a great way to have a fantastic body. Your system needs a ton of nutrients and energy if it’s going to run smoothly and give you the power to get through your workouts: how are you going to keep that up if you’re constantly hungry? Chris Pratt (who has repeatedly admitted to having a serious sweet tooth) kept eating throughout his training. He just made a point to cut out all that delicious junk and focus on nutritious meals that would benefit his body the most.

4. Skip Crunches

Chris Pratt’s amazing physique is on display numerous times throughout Guardians of the Galaxy — in particular his envy-inducing abs. But you don’t have to do endless crunches to achieve a washboard stomach. The first factor is overall low body fat; your entire frame needs to be fit and lean if you’re going to show off your core. After that, you just need to work on exercises that will accentuate and tone those pesky abs. Crunches can get really old after a while, and don’t hit your entire core. Look for workout routines that pinpoint every part of your stomach for a tummy that’s flat and toned!

5. Train For A Goal

What are you working out for? Chris Pratt wanted to be able to give his all for his cinematic venture; what’s your goal? Are you trying to run a marathon? Do you want to rock a bikini? Is there a specific weight you’d like to lift? Whatever your aim may be, work out to fit that. You don’t need to do a ton of upper body work if you’re worried about strengthening your legs; and if you want bigger shoulders, squats may not be the first exercise you attempt. Every fitness fan is different, with different goals and needs. Once you tailor your workout to what you want, you’ll be amazed by how quickly you get results!

Lauren Saccone/Pazoo