6 Workout Secrets From Britney Spears

6 Workout Secrets From Britney Spears

Discover how the superstar stays in such striking shape.


Britney Spears is no stranger to tough workouts. The performer sweats onstage regularly, going through rigorous dance routines that leave viewers exhausted. So what workout routine is tough enough to challenge even the hardworking singer?¬†Women’s Health spills the secrets behind Britney Spears’ workout routine.


1. High-Intensity Training

Britney Spears has a tight schedule. Between regular performances, rehearsals, and raising two boys, the singer needs a workout routine that fits into her hectic lifestyle. So Spears is wild about high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which lets her get her fitness fix in a short amount of time. HIIT has fitness enthusiasts work out incredibly hard for short bursts of time, followed by a brief period of recover. HIIT has become wildly popular because it packs a serious punch without having to log endless hours at the gym; perfect for busy fitness fans (whether they’re famous singers or not).


2. Totally Drenched

Britney Spears is a huge fan of Drenched Fitness, a gym that specializes in combining workouts with nutritional support to make you feel great inside and out. Spears’ favorite gym class is not for the week-willed; the 60-minute class leaves the singer soaked with sweat and feeling incredibly fit. By combining cardio and weight training, every major muscle group is hit and calories are burned in bulk!


3. Yoga Addict

Besides all this¬†HIIT sweating, Britney Spears keeps her body lean and limber with yoga. The dancer tones her muscles and improves her flexibility with at least two 90-minute yoga classes per week. While some routines focus on achieving peace and calm, others are as exhausting and intense as Spears’ cardio classes. By toning and challenging her muscles, the dancer is able to pull of some truly stunning moves.


4. Get Out

Spending hours in a gym or yoga studio can get old for even the biggest fitness junkie. To keep her routines fresh and her enthusiasm high, Britney Spears makes sure to spice things up by ditching the gym. A natural athlete, Spears loves incorporating tennis and other sports into her exercise routines. Enjoying what you’re doing is a quick and easy way to make working out fun instead of a hassle.


5. Practice, Practice

Let’s not forget that for all her working out, Britney Spears’ job itself is pretty rigorous. Her Vegas show has the singer performing nightly, and she has dance routines that challenge her physicality to the fullest. Rehearsals can take up to five hours, during which Spears virtually never stops moving. With all that dancing and sweating, it’s a wonder that the singer has time to make it to the gym!


6. Protein Power

Because she’s working out so much (whether it’s at the gym, the yoga studio, or on stage), Spears isn’t worried too much about restricting her diet. The performer is burning so many calories that as long as she keeps her meals relatively healthy (and avoids her guilty pleasure snacks like Cheetos and Frappuccinos in excess), she’s good to go. Still, the singer likes to keep an eye on her eating, focusing on getting as much protein in her diet as possible. This not only keeps Britney Spears looking trim and fit, it gives her the energy she needs for all that nonstop dancing!


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