Amanda Seyfried’s Diet Secrets

Amanda Seyfried’s Diet Secrets

Even celebrities have to work hard at staying fit


Everyone indulges a little during the holidays. And celebrities are no different; even the rich and famous like to settle in with some sweet treats to celebrate the festivities. But unlike the rest of us, actors and singers have to look camera-ready at any moment (which can be a real hassle when you want seconds). Actress Amanda Seyfried has figured out the secrets to staying trim and fit even when you’re surrounded by snacks. has the scoop on her diet secrets.

Keep Moving

It’s easy to slack off on your workout regime during the holidays. After all, there’s parties to attend, presents to wrap, and family to visit. But Amanda Seyfried insists that you need to keep working out no matter what’s going on. That doesn’t mean you should be living at the gym this winter (unless you really want to); theĀ Mamma Mia! star only goes two or three times a week during the holidays. But when she does go, she works out hard and comes home sweaty and sore (and ready to indulge in those treats!).

A Variety Of Fitness

Amanda Seyfried likes to mix up her workout routines. She doesn’t want to get bored and start thinking up excuses to slack off and skip the gym. So to keep her interests from waning, the actress mixes it up regularly. Seyfried is a huge fan of running, which lets her burn a lot of calories quickly (perfect for the actress on the go). She also loves ballet, an exercise that keeps her toned, long, and lean (the Victoria’s Secret models use this workout when they want to get runway ready). And Amanda Seyfried likes to break a sweat when she works out; the actress is a huge fan of hot yoga, which is performed in sweltering rooms. The idea behind this overheated workout is that you sweat out the bad toxins, and keep your body loose and limber. With all these options to choose from, Seyfried’s workout is anything but boring!

Enjoy Yourself

Amanda Seyfried has a very specific food philosophy when it comes to the holiday season, and it’s one we fully stand behind.

“If I want to eat it, I’m going to eat it,” she told “Life is short.” Now that doesn’t mean she gorges herself sick on delicious foods; instead, Seyfried allows herself to sample the variety of holiday treats out there. By giving herself permission she gets to indulge in a moderate manner; completely abstaining is virtually impossible at this time of year. Face it, you’re surrounded by people eating and drinking to their hearts’ content. Sooner or later you’ll slip up, and if you’ve been cutting yourself off completely, you’re likely to overindulge and make yourself sick.

So go ahead and have a piece of pie. Enjoy yourself, like Amanda Seyfried suggests. Life is short, eat dessert. And when you’re done, get ready to head to the gym. That way you’ll look great, feel great, and still get to indulge this holiday season!

Lauren Saccone/Pazoo