Dr. Agresti is a board certified plastic surgeon and founder of the Agresti Center for Plastic Surgery in Caldwell, New Jersey. He is an experienced physician and surgeon who specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery, aesthetic surgery, hand surgery and skin care.


Dr. Agresti is recognized for his expertise, integrity and patient-centered care, including attentive, unhurried consultations and trustworthy recommendations. Dr Agresti performs the full spectrum of cosmetic surgeries and specializes in breast surgery,liposuction and body reshaping. A full time aesthetician provides skin care services in a relaxing state of the art facility. With his extensive training in both the United States and Switzerland, and years of experience in reconstructive surgery, Dr. Agresti receives many referrals from other physicians. He offers advanced treatments for traumatic injuries, skin cancer and non-healing wounds, as well as conditions that affect the hand and wrist, such as carpel tunnel syndrome, trigger finger and tendonitis.


Dr. Agresti is associated with several hospitals and is a member of the American Osteopathic Society, NJ Osteopathic Society, American Association of Physician Specialists, and American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.


As a Pazoo.com expert, Dr. Agresti will make a positive impact on his followers’ by providing guidance, information and updates on the latest plastic surgery treatment options.

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