Patricia French Crilly, R.N.

Founder & Chief Wellness Officer, Your Rejuvenation Station Self-Directed WellBeing Expert

Patricia French Crilly is a dynamic motivational and inspirational speaker who brings a unique blend of humor and compassion to her audience. A Registered Nurse since 1973, Pat, affectionately, called “Nurse Crilly” by her clients and colleagues, has always been passionate about helping others. This passion has led her to broaden the scope of her practice beyond the traditional role of nursing to help others live a life of wellness.

For the past 20 years, Pat has been working with individuals and groups nationwide. Specializing in stress management, habit-changing techniques, work/life balance and self-directed healing, Pat has created and presented advanced development programs for the federal government, corporations, health care professionals and the public.

Most recently, after a miraculous self-directed healing from invasive ovarian cancer, Pat developed a new approach to help others find the path to their own wellbeing. As a Holistic Nurse Navigator for Wellness, she helps her clients bridge the gap between traditional medicine and CAM (Complementary and Alternative Modalities) with Self-Directed Wellness and Radical Self-Care.

Pat developed the Pediatric Education Program, an extensive clinical educational program, for Bayada Nurses, one of the largest home health agencies in the country. Pat has hosted her own radio show B-Positive with Nurse Crilly and is the author of the workbook Tap It and Zap It: A Grownup’s Guide to EFT for Kids.

Pat co-founded and served as the Executive Director of Children’s Hospice of New Jersey, the first and only pediatric hospice in New Jersey to support families and provide end of life care to their catastrophically and terminally ill children. At the Job Corps Leadership Launch 2005 in Washington, DC during the 40th Anniversary Grand Finale Conference, Pat addressed 300 students on the effects of smoking on health and employment. In May of 2007, she consulted with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of the Secretary at the Job Corps Regional Meeting in San Francisco to explore the establishment of a pilot program for smoking cessation and prevention for Job Corps students and staff.

Most recently, Pat is putting the final touches on her new book, “Extraordinary Healing, Ordinary Miracle” about her own personal journey to self-healing. It is due out in the Fall of 2014. As Self-Directed Wellness Expert, Pat will share with site visitors her vision for focusing on wellness rather than illness in a way that is both empowering and effective.

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