Kathy Lindert
Founder & Owner, Advanced Hypnosis Counseling LLC
Pazoo.com Hypnosis Expert

Nearly a decade ago, one of Kathy Lindert’s family members was suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that prohibited him from excelling in life. After trying all available treatment options, Kathy – who had stopped smoking through hypnosis – decided to try it on her relative. The results were outstanding and extremely effective – so Kathy decided to leave her career in finance (she had been a Stock Broker and a Mortgage Banker) to branch out and help other people in need.

Kathy became a full time hypnotist, joining the National Guild of Hypnotists and founding Advanced Hypnosis Counseling, LLC.  Kathy works with clients to help with stopping smoking, weight loss, fears, career and relationship issues, sports, school, confidence, public speaking and much more. She uses three different treatment techniques: Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and the Emotional Freedom Technique. Most clients choose to between three to five sessions based to see the changes they desire.  Kathy also teaches clients self-hypnosis techniques and offers reinforcing CDs to ensure continued freedom from those negative traits and behaviors. Kathy is in her ninth year of practice and still enjoys seeing people succeed and giving them the freedom they deserve. She is also the author of the series “How to Fix Yourself”.

Kathy Lindert joined the Pazoo.com Team of Experts to help people overcome their unwanted and sometimes unhealthy behaviors that limit them from being who they truly are. She uses fun approaches that give people the desire and confidence to succeed.



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