After graduating from college with a Journalism degree, Jacob Trowbridge realized that the traditional role of a journalist was absolutely boring, so he dedicated his time to writing offbeat articles for off-the-wall publications. He also turned his active hatred and work-related rage into humorous essays about his coworkers that he presents in his blog.

Jacob is a regular contributor to UK pop culture website WhatCulture, a columnist for Points In Case, and a frequent contributor to Cracked. When he’s in a really good mood, he blogs at Letters to My Coworkers, Whom I Hate. Occasionally, he performs stand-up at Madison, Wisconsin’s Comedy Club open mic nights.

As a Comedy Expert, Jacob will do his part for health and wellness by making people smile, and helping them look at the world in a sillier, less stressful light. “I’m more excited to join the Expert Panel,” commented Jacob, “than I would be to receive a lifetime supply of banana bread. If that seems like an understatement, then you clearly don’t understand my adoration for banana bread.”