Heather J. Darling, Esq. began representing clients in contractual matters, as well as litigation, in 2004.  Throughout her legal career she has been a zealous advocate for her clients and they have benefitted from her representation.  In addition to contractual matters, her experience includes thousands of hours per year each preparing and appearing in NJ courts in order to obtain the best possible resolution for her clients.  In order to best serve her clients, Ms. Darling hones her knowledge through daily reading and regularly attending seminars in the areas of law she practices.

Heather Darling is also a formidable adversary when it comes to her athletic pursuits.  Throughout her life she has participated in sports, first on teams during childhood then as a bodybuilder in adulthood.  As a bodybuilder, Heather has won state titles on each attempt and has participated on the national level, as an NPC competitor, regularly.  She has been recognized for her physique on several occasions and has been on Saturday Night Live and other well known television entertainment programs.

The combination of her knowledge of law and what it takes to perform at that highest levels of athleticism as well as her familiarity with numerous professional athletes and the difficulties they face when seemingly well-negotiated contracts fall apart at the seams when tested makes her ideally suited to provide contractual and legal representation to athletes on professional and semi-professional levels.