Danielle Vintschger is a writer/editor who also holds a Master’s in Social Work, and strives to be a voice for people, especially those with mental and emotional challenges. She has worked in pop culture and media for over a decade, “finding the funny” in our society, and has been published in several media outlets.

A passionate communicator and advocate, Danielle shares information that will further the world in laughter and knowledge of important issues, but never forgets to have fun doing it. She hopes that her writing will bring more awareness to wellness in the world and inspire people to do their very best.

A born and bred Jersey girl, Danielle attended Emerson College, where she recieved a BFA in Performing Arts, and a Master’s from Simmons College’s School of Social Work, both in Boston. She is a die-hard lover of pop culture, a foodie who doesn’t cook, and a Red Sox fan in Yankee territory.