Christine Watkins-Falcon is the founder and president of Metabolic Health Professional Services (MHPS) a Southern California-based team of health care professionals who work together to provide cutting-edge, proven advances in exercise, nutrition and physical therapy for Obesity, Diabetes, Dysmetabolic Syndrome and other related metabolic diseases. She is also the founder of “Living in Victory” for overweight women, and co-founder of RestorLife Ministries, a non-profit organization designed to help individuals improve their health.

Christine’s passion for a healthy diet and physical exercise helped her win the 1995 Arizona State Natural Bodybuilding Championship and the title of 1998 Ms. Fitness West Coast. Today, she is a member of the American Diabetes Association and the Obesity Society. And she holds certificates from the American Council on Exercise, the International Fitness Professionals Association, National Academy of Sports Medicine Advance, Neuromuscular Balance, and Pre-Post Natal.

Christine released her first book in 2009, “MetabolicRx Therapy, The Nation’s #1 Medically Supervised Program”, and has been featured in TV commercials, on radio, in print and as a wellness motivational speaker at industry events.

Christine will use as a platform to share practical information and advice to help site visitors address fitness, nutrition and metabolic issues for healthier lifestyles.

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