Clients have been turning to Bill McCambley for more than 20 years in search of solutions to help better their lives; be it for fitness training, daily motivation and inspiration, health and wellness education, or guidance on how to balance their hectic lives while still maintaining a realistic wellness program. Bill is also a purveyor of truth, seeking to dismantle the many myths and misconceptions about healthy living and weight loss that are conveyed to the masses by media outlets that should know better.

Nothing makes Bill more angry than seeing misleading information being promoted and held up as fact, particularly when directed towards women, that can ultimately negatively impact people on their journey towards discovering their best self.

Bill is constantly shaping and molding his philosophy and techniques, although the core of his beliefs come from what he learned during his BS and MS in exercise science, as well as being certified through the NSCA and NASM.

As Lifestyle Modification Expert, Bill will focus on the entire lifestyle as a combination of health and wellness goals that you can pursue to achieve optimal results.

Blind Faith

Blind Faith

In the last week I have read two articles about the health of the nation. One article discussed how the average American has gained 30 pounds since the 1960s. The article does point out that Americans ...
Feel Like Giving Up?  DON’T!

Feel Like Giving Up? DON’T!

Pazoo’s Health & Wellness Lifestyle Curator tells you why you’re closer to your goals than you think. Recently someone shared a Facebook post with me about their friend that had appare ...

The Secret To Spot Reducing

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