InnerFit of NH is a corporate wellness contracting company and traveling in-home fitness business. Under Aaron Olejarz’s direction, it delivers quality and confident personal trainers and registered dietitians to businesses and clients’ homes.


Aaron Olejarz earned his Bachelors of Science in Exercise Physiology at the University of New England, then became ACE certified, CPR certified and First Aid Certified. He began his career in the rehabilitation field and prior to founding InnerFit, he ran fitness facilities for seven years for the largest fitness company in the U.S. He has extensive knowledge and specialized training in metabolic diseases, shoulder, knee, and hip injuries and rehabilitation, and spinal rehabilitation.


Aaron has a passion for people and their habitual formulations, helping clients with nutrition, weight loss, muscle mass and training – from individual to family/small group to pre- and post-natal.

His goal as a expert is to help his followers find peace with themselves, love their bodies, and adhere to plans for their daily and future wellness.

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