6 Most Shocking Celebrity Weight Changes

6 Most Shocking Celebrity Weight Changes

See which stars have gained and lost the most.

Being a celebrity means you’re constantly in the limelight. Every move you make or change to your appearance results in a flurry of media attention. So when their weight undergoes any change (even if it’s for an acting role), people can’t help but notice. And when that weight change is a dramatic departure from how the star usually looks, the results can be downright shocking. Health.com has the most remarkable celebrity weight changes. Whether for their art or for their image, these stars remade their bodies in the most dramatic ways possible.

1. Christian Bale

The method actor is famous for molding his body to fit his roles (such as bulking up admirably to play Batman), but his most shocking celebrity weight drop was for The Machinist. The 6′ star lost 63 pounds to play the chronic insomniac, ending up at a worrying 122 pounds. The results were alarming, and perfectly in tune with the disturbing film — but definitely not recommended as a healthy weight loss plan.

2. 50 Cent

The rapper has been trying to break into serious acting, and he’s shown that he’s willing to commit to a role. For his part as a cancer patient in Things Fall Apart, 50 Cent lost a whopping 64 pounds. The photos he posted resulted in extreme concern from the media, but he was quick to reassure people that his celebrity weight loss was only for the role; once filming wrapped he was soon back to his healthy original weight.

3. Jared Leto

When the 30 Seconds to Mars frontman took on the role of John Lennon’s killer, people were skeptical. To put it frankly, he didn’t look the part — he was simply too slender. But Leto was determined, and was reduced to binging and force-feeding himself to achieve the look needed for the role. All in all, Leto gained 60 pounds for the performance in one of the most surprising celebrity weight gains in history. The dramatic weight increase left Leto feeling sick and miserable, with gout-like pain in his foot. It took him nearly a year to lose all the weight, and he’s publicly said he won’t be repeating the experience.

4. Mo’Nique

The comedian and actress has always been proud about her curvy figure, but when her blood pressure hit dangerously high levels she decided some things needed to change. She focused on her health and fitness, ditching junk food along the way, and lost 45 pounds. Mo’Nique has stated she’s not looking to lose more weight, and is exceedingly happy with her size 14 figure.

5. Seth Rogen

First winning hearts on the cult classic show Freaks and Geeks, Seth Rogen was typically cast in roles that played up his weight. But when he signed on for the superhero move The Green Hornet, the funny actor knew it was time for a major celebrity weight change. Rogen lost about 30 pounds in just nine months, and has maintained a more slender frame ever since.

6. Charlize Theron

The stunning actress had a major make-under for her Oscar-winning role as a serial killer in Monster. Besides fake teeth and some unappealing makeup, the model/actress had to put on some weight to achieve the perfect portrayal of her character. But as far as celebrity weight changes go, Theron’s method was pretty fun: the actress ate a lot of donuts and potato chips, ultimately gaining 30 pounds for her award-winning performance. Theron slimmed down shortly after filming concluded, and says she is happy and healthy at a sexy size 8.

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