6 Crazy Celebrity Diets

6 Crazy Celebrity Diets

Even your favorite stars can fall victim to fad diets.

Stars: they’re just like us. They worry about how they look and if they’re maintaining their ideal weight (and the endless paparazzi shots probably don’t help them). When your livelihood is based in no small part on how you look, you’re willing to try anything to maintain your figure. And that’s where crazy dieting ideas come in. Celebrities may be rich, famous, and genetically gifted, but they’re still susceptible to some very strange health ideas. Here are some of the craziest celebrity diets, as revealed by Health.com. And remember: never try any of these at home.

1. Crazy Crashes

Laura Prepon of Orange Is The New Black fame looks stunning onscreen, but she’s made some serious missteps when it comes to eating right. She claims crash dieting ruined her metabolism completely, making it even harder for her to maintain a steady weight. But her craziest celebrity diet? The hCG diet, where you’re injected with a hormone extracted from the urine of pregnant women. We’ll just have a salad, thanks.

2. Master Cleanse

Christina Applegate tried this famous liquid diet, wherein you consume nothing but lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and water to flush out your system. She lasted about 24 hours before her celebrity diet hit a snag: she realized that the cleanse meant no caffeine, and that was just not in the cards for the actress.

3. Mushroom Mania

Holly Robinson Peete cracks people up on the hit show Mike and Molly, but there was nothing funny about her own attempt at a celebrity diet scheme. It involved eating different types of mushrooms. And nothing else. Look, we love mushrooms more than most, but the flavorful fungi can only go so far. Peete lasted about two days before she came to her senses and went for a more balanced diet.

4. Not So Ace

On True Blood, Kristin Bauer van Straten turned head with her bloodsucking performance as a ruthless vampire. We wonder how her popular character would have felt about this crazy celebrity diet idea. The actress’s nutritionist took Ace bandages soaked in a detox solution and wrapped them around her body. Then she donned a poncho. The treatment required Bauer van Straten to keep moving, so she ended up walking in a circle to the beat of a boom box. Wrapped in Ace bandages. And a poncho. We can’t imagine why this diet didn’t catch on.

5. Color Me Confused

Peta Nemcova is a supermodel, and as such she’s seen a plethora of questionable diet plans. But her own celebrity diet snafu had the model turning yellow — literally. She started on a diet that consisted exclusively of carrots, tomatoes, and seafood. The good news? She was getting loads of vitamin A in her diet. The bad? This mixture turned her palms yellow — not a good look for anyone, supermodel or otherwise.

6. Mushy Mess

Healthy foods are great — in moderation (and with the right ingredients). Supermodel Selita Ebanks learned this the hard way, after embarking on a 3-day cleanse that was seriously lacking in texture. She consumed bland, soft stuff like pureed kale and almond milk (two great flavors that do not work together). After barely a day of this diet, Ebanks called it quits.

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